i like dry humor. i am five foot two inches. i straighten my curly hair almost everyday. i have a toe that curls at a sixty degree angle. i bite my nails. i am freakishly organized. i have bad posture. i like to roller blade but don’t know how to stop, i just ride into the grass. i love my mom. i am from indian river, michigan. i have met oprah winfrey.  i once stuck a sticker up my nose at pizza hut and my mom had get it out with tweezers i have never broken a bone, only fractured my nose. it was called an unusual green-stick fracture. i can’t get on a hammock without help. i have blue eyes and brown hair. i squint constantly. i could eat mashed potatoes for every meal. i love paper. i am a graduate
of the college for creative studies. i am a designer.


i have worked on large corporate accounts such as ford, carhartt, scotts miracle gro and the sports authority but also have enjoyed small freelance jobs and working on non-profit accounts such as russell st. deli and tour de troit.